Bernardo Casabone receives his PhD

Felicitaciones Bernardo!

Thesis title: "Two ions coupled to an optical cavity: from an enhanced quantum computer interface towards distributed quantum computing".




Spectroscopy of interacting quasiparticles

Magnetic interactions engineered by dressing a string of trapped ions with laser light can be described in terms of interacting quasiparticles. Our paper describing many-body Ramsey spectroscopy of these quasiparticles has been published by Physical Review Letters.



The Rydberg experiment has moved

The Rydberg Strontium Ions experiment has moved to the University of Stockholm, Sweden.



Muir Kumph receives his PhD

Well done Muir!

Thesis title: "2D arrays of ion traps for large scale integration of quantum information processors".


Improved interface for a quantum internet

A quantum network requires efficient interfaces over which information can be transferred from matter to light and back. In the current issue of Physical Review Letters, Innsbruck physicists led by Rainer Blatt and Tracy Northup show how this information transfer can be optimized by taking advantage of a collective quantum phenomenon.